Kerr Pumps & FlowVale Awards for Excellence in Well Completion, Northeast 2017

Awarded to: U.S. Well Services

Judges Comments

“Demonstrated commitment to the environment through the innovative use of electric powered frac equipment using natural gas. Their emissions decrease is very significant and impressive. The drop in noise levels is also a substantial bene t to the environmental impact of the industry. Lowered cost of fuel and fracing is very bene cial for the industry.”

Corporate Overview

U.S. Well Services, LLC, provides high-pressure, hydraulic fracturing services in unconventional oil and natural gas basins. Both our conventional (diesel) and Clean Fleet® (electric) hydraulic fracturing fleets are among the most reliable and highest performing fleets in the industry, with the capability to meet the most demanding pressure and pump rate requirements in the industry.

We operate in many of the active shale and unconventional oil and natural gas basins of the United States and our clients truly benefit from the performance and reliability of our equipment and personnel. Specifically, all of our fleets operate on a 24 hour basis and have the ability to withstand the high utilization rates that result in more efficient operations.

Our patented Clean Fleet® technology is proven to successfully reduce emissions by 99%, dramatically decrease sound pollution and generate operational cost savings upwards of $40,000/ day. This technology is the first fully electric, fully mobile well stimulation system powered by natural gas in the industry.

Clean Fleet® runs on electric power generated by 5.7 MWe natural gas fueled turbine generators (below). Consequently, fracturing operations are cleaner, quieter, safer, and
less disruptive to neighboring communities.