General Industry Service Award, Northeast 2017

Awarded to: Well Master Corporation

Judges Comments

“Invests heavily in training their customers by running schools run by their team of engineers. It is always nice to see such programs that ensure that products are implemented correctly. 80% of their clients that took part in their education program had previously participated which speaks volumes.”

“Innovation is clearly part of their brand, utilizing the most modern technology to help them develop their product line will no doubt givethemtheedge. Trialand error days are in the past and it is essential that all modern tools available are used to ensure that valuable time is not wasted in costly mistakes.”

Corporate Overview

Well Master Corporation, based in Golden, CO and founded as a Colorado Company in 1984, designs and manufactures premium plunger lift systems for the oil & gas industry. Well Master focuses on optimizing oil & gas production (utilizing plunger lift systems) by minimizing total cost of ownership and maximizing return on investment for customers using Well Master products and services.

Well Master’s impressive growth during the downturn is led by new product innovations protected by international patents and backed by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Aerospace Engineering. Additionally, Well Master is the only company in the industry to take a production engineering approach to optimizing plunger lift wells. Well Master does things differently than the typical “trial and error” tool selection approach typically seen in plunger lift optimization. The applications engineering team helps operators
manage their well “as a business” by maximizing production as well as reducing your LOE.

Well Master has accomplished much of the above by compiling an entrepreneurial and visionary leadership team determined to deliver service and value to its customers, channel partners, and employees. Employee talent has grown seven fold since 2009, each engrained in the corporate values of “trust”, “respect”, and the authority to “do the right thing” in all relationships.