Future Industry Leader, Northeast 2017

Awarded to: Zhenhua Rui

Judges Comments

“Ray has achieved an astonishing level of accreditation in such a short career, with more qualifications than many people twice his age, he was the stand out candidate for me.”

“Ray’s resume was incredibly impressive, his commitment to education at the highest level is something he should be very proud of. This is backed up with a solid showing of work experience and research, with a string of very credible awards to his name already. I am sure he will be a bright star in our industry to watch out for.”

Personal Overview

Ray gained more than 10 years of experience in oil and gas consulting and research with expertise in oil and gas project development and evaluation, project management, reservoir engineering, modeling, unconventional and conventional resources, and petroleum economics and management.

Ray has built models for benchmarking hundreds of global projects ranging from less than 10 million dollars to more than 50 billion dollars. Some of his research work has been published in 30 journal papers and presented at 14 top international conferences in the energy arena. Ray has a strong and diversified educational background in the oil and gas area. He received a PhD in energy and mineral engineering management, MBA, and MS in petroleum engineering from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and an MS in petroleum exploration geophysics from China University of Petroleum. He also holds several industry certifications: PMP, P.E., and SPE Petroleum Engineering Certification (SPEC). Ray has also received several research awards for excellent research work (e.g., the Clarence Berry Fellowship in mining and Resources and IPA Research of the Year).