Award for Excellence in Health & Safety, Northeast 2017

Awarded to: Deep Well Services

Judges Comments

“Incredible story, building a company with over 350 years combined management experience, expert snubbing hands and service rig personnel propel them to be being the 9th fastest growing privately owned company in Pennsylvania, expanding from 25 people to 150 people in a few years. What an exceptional and positive story in current times.”

Corporate Overview

Deep Well Services is a locally-owned oilfield services company specializing in completion and general site/pad well services in Appalachia. DWS utilizes innovation, advanced technology, and out-of-the-box solution oriented thinking to meet the changing needs of its clients while staying ahead of competition and keeping Safety as its first priority.

In the Oil & Gas industry, operators take responsibility not only for complex and expensive equipment but also hundreds of lives. That is why Deep Well Services invested in a high-tech computer simulator to ensure that all operators are trained for both routine operations and abnormal situations.

The Simulator mirrors the control panel present on all DWS snubbing units to give the most realistic feel possible. DWS is able to create any snubbing scenario, well pressure, tubing size / grade, Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), and primary Blowout Preventer (BOP) stack configuration. This facilitates continuous training of incumbent staff and new hires and optimizes set up for upcoming jobs allowing operators to practice ahead of time in a safe environment before getting to the job site.

The simulator’s interactive instructor panel not only allows the ability to create a variety of compromised well control (blowout) situations for students, but also provides a means of training for those types of situations in a controlled environment. DWS’ highly customized Snubbing Simulator delivers the most realistic training experience, resulting in knowledgeable and confident operators who are able to complete a snubbing operation safely and in less time compared to our competitors.