General Industry Service Award, Northeast 2016

Awarded to: PULS, Inc.

Judges Comments

“Good use of case studies to underline their presence in the region.”

“PULS, Inc. has demonstrated a creative and unique way to address a growing issue of gas pipeline management. Excellent project experience in PA both in the northern tier and the SW portion of the commonwealth.”

Corporate Overview

PULS, Inc. is a nationally recognized professional subsurface utility investigation group. PULS, Inc. provides a broad range of services including; subsurface utility mapping, Electromagnetic (EM), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Vacuum Excavation, Leak Detection, CCTV Pipe Inspection, PULS 360 cloud based GIS/Asset Management System, Utility and Project Management Services. PULS, Inc. employs the latest technology, which combined with our highly trained field technicians allows PULS, Inc. to identify, mark and survey utility lines over a wide range of utility types and field conditions.

PULS, Inc. is dedicated to the development of safe work practices within our company, industry and clients we serve. PULS, Inc. is a customer service driven company centered on understanding and exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients and building long-term partnerships within the industry.

PULS has been recognized for their elite quality of service and knowledge of infrastructure on panels for the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), being a board member of the National Utility Contractors Association, a board Member of Shale Alliance for Energy Research, and having a team member sit on the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Task Force that was selected by Governor Tom Wolf to help plan the future of Pennsylvania’s infrastructure.

PULS, Inc. has a very strategic approach for all of our projects. We try to define the challenges of our clients and custom build a solution to fit their needs and solve their specific problem. We work hard to avoid the “one solution fits all problems” approach that we see so many service providers implement.