Columbia Midstream Future Industry Leader, Northeast 2016

Awarded to: Jared Oehring

Judges Comments

“Extremely impressive CV and work hitory, a very well deserved winner!”

“Whats most impressive for such a young candidate is his technical maturity. The depth and breadth of Mr Oehring’s engineering and technical knowledge is truly world class.”

Corporate Overview

U.S. Well Services, provides high-pressure hydraulic fracturing services, and we believe our fleets are among the most reliable and highest performing fleets in the industry with the capability to meet the most demanding pressure and flow rate requirements in the field. We believe we will have a competitive advantage due to the high performance and durability of our equipment and our ability to support high asset utilization rates that result in more efficient operations.

CLEAN FLEET®, our proprietary, patented fleet design, is the world’s first fully electric, fully mobile well stimulation system, powered by natural gas. CLEAN FLEET® has demonstrated reduced fuel operating costs by as much as 90%, reduced NOx and CO emissions by 99% and reduced equipment and discharge iron vibrations by 80%, resulting in fewer failures and safer operations.

Whisper™ Technology is the industry’s foremost solution for quiet, low noise impact hydraulic fracturing, making the workplace safer and less disturbing to surrounding communities.

USWS is leading the way in predictive maintenance and has developed FRAC MD™ Machine Diagnostics, Minimizing Downtime to mitigate fatigue and premature failures of our equipment. When we listen to what the machines are telling us, we’ll greatly increase reliability, safety, and predictability which all reduces downtime and increases safe stages per day.

The safety of our employees, customers and the environment is our number one priority. We are committed to reducing the hazardous risk associated with the inhalation of respirable silica dust and have developed SANDSHIELD™ to mitigate silica emission below OSHA PEL standards.