Trucking Company of the Year - Presented by Kenworth, Northeast 2015

Awarded to: Beemac Trucking

Judges Comments

“Fantastic to see a company showing commitment to the reduction of emissions by implementing a CNG fleet that is also more economical to run and thus has dual benefit to the company and the community.”

“Significant achievements have been made for this company. Some major milestones reached and have shown a good commitment to the community philanthropically and environmentally.”

Beemac Trucking – Corporate Overview

Beemac is a premier nationwide flatbed, steel hauling trucking and logistics company providing asset based trucking, logistics, barge and rail intermodal port, warehousing, and specialized/heavy hauling services to customers throughout North America. No one outperforms Beemac because we believe “relationships move loads.”

Established in 1984, Beemac is headquartered in Ambridge, PA with 26 strategically located truck terminals, warehouses and river ports throughout North America. Beemac has steadily reinvested in our company owned infrastructure to truly provide safe, flawless, quality, value-added services to our customers.

With 300 trucks hauling steel and a strong business emphasis on servicing the Marcellus and Utica shale regions, Beemac is proud to be the first flatbed carrier in the nation to “go green” by constructing a public CNG filling station located in Ambridge, PA. Beemac has 20 brand new 2014 dedicated CNG tractors to haul pipe for customers servicing the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions. In time, as the infrastructure of CNG stations grows across the nation, we hope to convert our long haul tractors to run on CNG as well. While these cleaner burning engines will not only provide cleaner air for the communities, we are also very proud to greatly reduce our diesel fuel consumption, thus helping to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.