Award for Excellence in Well Completion, Northeast 2015

Awarded to: Packers Plus Energy Services, Inc.

Judges Comments

“Packers Plus is one of the foremost open hole innovators in the Northeast. Their open hole multi staged completion systems are responsible for accessing more stages and better perforation and bridge plugs as demonstrated by the great volumes of gas produced in the Marcellus Shale of the Appalachian Basin. Their environmental awareness and community giving set them apart from many other companies.”

“They have strived to be a leading supplier in their industry. ”

Packers Plus Energy Services, Inc. – Corporate Overview

Packers Plus is the innovator of open hole, multi-stage completion systems and provides solutions for technically challenging applications in horizontal, vertical, multi-lateral,
and high pressure/high temperature (HPHT) wells. By remaining focused on high-value completion technologies, Packers Plus strives to be the leading supplier of technical solutions in its field and maintains an extensive patent portfolio.

Innovation remains critical to the company’s success and dictates how business is conducted every day. Packers Plus has developed a variety of completion technologies for specific applications to adapt to changing industry demand. These technologies have enabled operators to redesign operations and procedures to increase well productivity and reduce well costs. Integrated technology groups ensure continual product improvements, placing Packers Plus at the forefront of oil and gas completions technology development. The company maintains full design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as a large Rapid Tool Development program directed at tool and system technologies to address customer needs.

Packers Plus has operations in Canada, the United States, and internationally to maintain an influential role in key markets. The company has stayed true to its roots—an innovative company with a focused niche, enabling it to be one of the best in the industry.