General Industry Service Award, Northeast 2013

Awarded to: Resource Environmental Solutions

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“RES is one of the few companies offering a practical solution to a very real problem, developing offsets for unavoidable project-related impacts.”

“Resource Environmental Solutions has proven and demonstrated that blighted sites can be made whole again and demonstrated industry’s commitment to protect the environment.”

Resource Environmental Solutions – Corporate Overview

RES is solely focused on developing and supplying ecological offsets for projects requiring permits for unavoidable impacts to the surface of the earth. RES is a supplier operating in Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio and has delivered solutions across 10 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Districts and, in the process, interacted with 78 regulatory agencies.

Our efforts have resulted in 22,000 restored stream and wetland acres, 2,500 acres of custom mitigation solutions, 47 wetland and stream mitigation banks permitted or in process.

RES began to understand the enabling Pennsylvania regulatory environment in early 2011. At that time, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was planning for an upcoming change to one of its programmatic permits for stream and wetland crossings. Wetland and stream mitigation banks were neither planned nor were they understood at the state level. Permitting backlogs for pipeline projects exceeded 300 days. Support from the federal permitting agencies and from clients that had utilized compensatory wetland and stream mitigation helped to bring multiple regulating parties up to speed.

In 2013, RES opened and staffed our office in Canonsburg, PA. RES now has the first and only commercial mitigation bank available to service permittees with an approved off-the-shelf mitigation solution.

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