VZ Environmental Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship, Midcontinent 2014

Awarded to: Scott Environmental Services, Inc.

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Innovative use of solid drilling wastes, clear commitment to compliance and a dedication to the community has been shown throughout this entry.”

“Scott’s commitment to the community is a credit to the company. The company’s contribution to the R&D community is an example set for others which will bolster the industry’s perpetual drive for innovation. Well done.”

Scott Environmental Services, Inc. – Corporate Overview

Scott provides solid drilling waste management for the oil and gas exploration and production industry by offering turnkey solutions through expert, site-specific recycling and treatment technology.  The company is revolutionizing the method by which solid waste produced from oil and gas drilling is managed, benefiting the environment, the industry, and the communities impacted by oil and gas operations.

Scott’s leading-edge, solidification and stabilization techniques and patented technology, developed based on years of sound research, treat water-based mud and cuttings, as well as oil-based drilled cuttings.  Through this technology, contaminated solid drilling waste is now being recycled into environmentally sound and durable roads, drill pads, and a variety of other structures where exploration and production is taking place.  The company, founded in 1994 by Blake Scott and his father, Bill Scott, is headquartered in Longview, Texas where it has easy access to a large portion of the U.S. oil & gas market.

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