Award for Excellence in Health & Safety, Gulf Coast 2015

Awarded to: Katch Kan

Judges Comments

“Katch Kan has attempted to develop creative and cost effective solutions to persistent or high profile environmental and safety issues that have been increasingly weighing on the upstream industry. They have demonstrated responsiveness to industry needs with deft entrepreneurialism.”

“The innovative approach that Katch Kan takes to improving safety is impressive. While incorporating all the usual and expected methods of health and safety into their operations, Katch Kan’s product line to contain spills and maintain rig safety tackles some of the less actively pursued hazards. By keeping things clean and reducing spills, slips and falls are minimized. With their reduce and recycle initiatives, they keep truck loads to a minimum, which improves driver safety, and road safety. Overall, this is an impressive program.”

Katch Kan – Corporate Overview

Katch Kan emerged in 1994 in response to the environmental challenges in the energy sector, its Rig Safety System (RSSTM)and Zero Spill System (ZSSTM) assist sustainable development by protecting and preserving the land, water and personnel in the oil and gas industry.

These innovative systems work together to optimize the health and safety of those involved in upstream oil and gas projects, while minimizing pollution and maximizing operational results. Katch KanTM systems enable oil and gas exploration to occur in a proactive and eco-efficient manner. By using our systems, Operators and Contractors can turn any drilling or work-over rig into a zero spill environment, and minimize the waste of expensive drilling fluids, resulting in a cleaner, a safer and more productive working environment. Katch Kan builds these systems under ISO 9001
and 14001management systems and operates a full service field operation in Canada under COR guidelines. Katch Kan is a global leader in reducing environmental footprint and operational safety
in the oil and gas drilling industry with 90% presence in the Canadian Market and this innovative technology has been adopted in over 60 countries worldwide.