Award for Drilling Excellence, Gulf Coast 2015

Awarded to: Scientific Drilling International

Judges Comments

“Great technology in the area of navigation and geosteering.”

“Scientific Drilling’s entry focused on their directional drilling expertise, innovation and accomplishments. Several case histories demonstrated their technology including measurement while drilling (MWD) to conduct a fish bypass and recover a wellbore and their Titan22 motor, which drilled a vertical, curve and lateral section in one run in record time.”

Scientific Drilling International – Corporate Overview

Scientific Drilling International is a leading provider in the global wellbore placement market as well as the directional services market. We are the only company to offer a complete navigation solution for the energy services sector that includes High Accuracy gyro Survey, MWD, LWD, MagTraC MWD RangingTM, and Cased Hole Solutions.

We are committed to make it easy for our customers to do business, by providing exemplary service and innovative technology. We earn loyalty one job at a time. We match the right crew to each assignment, and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of quality. We are the Ultimate Partner in Wellbore Placement.