Bulk Trucking Company of the Year, Gulf Coast 2013

Awarded to: Sun Coast Resources, Inc.

Oil & Gas Awards Judges Comments

“Commitment to timely delivery of material is impressive.”

“Shows the possible success for women in a minority owned business that is not dependent on government. In seeing their trucks on the road, I have always noticed how clean they are, truly shows company pride.”

Sun Coast Resources, Inc. – Corporate Overview

Sun Coast Resources, Inc., is the largest woman owned business in Texas. The Company was founded by Kathy Lehne in 1985, with an investment of $2,000 and a dream. Since then, Sun Coast’s annual revenues have grown to nearly $2 billion thanks to the vision and commitment of Kathy, coupled with sensational customer focus from Sun Coast’s other 1,800 professionals.

Sun Coast markets quality petroleum products & lubricants on a wholesale basis to thousands of commercial, retail, and government entities, and offers a nationally recognized emergency response fuel program, fuel, specialty chemical and crude oil transportation services, used oil pick up, oil filtration and purification, and numerous other related products and services throughout 40 states. The Company’s modern delivery fleet of approximately 1,000 units operates around the clock every day of the year providing the fuels and services that companies desperately need to keep them up and running. Sun Coast has 17 office, warehouse and bulk plant facilities, conveniently located in high demand areas in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, to better serve its growing and complex customer base. Sun Coast has become the “go to” company for so many operations who are a critical link in keeping America’s economy on track. Simply stated: Sun Coast delivers!

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