Workforce Housing Provider of the Year, Canada 2015

Awarded to: Redrock Camps

Judges Comments

“Incredible growth is testament to the quality of camp and the culture instilled by the President. Redrock offer more than just workforce housing, they provide quality, innovative camps, nourishing food and proper R&R for the workers, this in turn ensures better retention of the workforce which is key.”

“Strong corporate values, previous recognition and overall commitment to the well being of workers stand Redrock apart from the competition in this category.”

Redrock Camps – Corporate Overview

Redrock Camps provides hospitality and modular accommodation solutions for companies operating in remote environments throughout Canada. Prioritizing the satisfaction of guests above all else, Redrock’s camps are regarded as the boutique hotels of the remote camp world.

Guests in Redrock camps are treated to a unique mix of rustic and retro environments, with living areas resembling comfortable cabins and banqueting areas which are recreations of 50’s style diners. Redrock’s menus are designed to satisfy even the most demanding of palates and regularly scheduled theme nights give guests something special to look forward to each week. Staff in Redrock camps are friendly, charismatic, and dedicated to ensuring guests can relax to their hearts’ content; living in the camps themselves, Redrock staff are committed to creating the best experience possible for themselves and guests alike. Redrock Camps specializes in crafting a “home away from home” feel you can’t find anywhere else.