Water Management Company of the Year, Canada 2015

Awarded to: Integrated Sustainability

Judges Comments

“Comprehensive and detailed submission that excellently underpins the contributions of the company to the industry, their clients, and overall, water management best practices.”

“I found the case study analysis particularly interesting and insightful. Significant successful projects across Canada deserve the recognition.”

Integrated Sustainability – Corporate Overview

Integrated Sustainability is a consulting and engineering services provider specializing in the life cycle of water. Integrated Sustainability’s project teams have award-winning experience in Alberta and BC, and several senior technical specialists with experience in International Water. The company also plays an active role in industry associations and government policy development. Our passion for water drives us to work with industry to provide thought leadership on regional collaboration, operational best practices, and technology innovation. What makes Integrated Sustainability different is how it was conceived from the start as a balanced team of consultants, scientists and engineers, none of which dominate our corporate culture or project execution approach. We have built an agile, motivated, integrated and water focused team that collaborates and innovates throughout the lifecycle of all types of water projects. What this means in practice to our customers is better and more sustainable outcomes when these usually disjointed project phases are conceptualized, planned, and achieved by the same team working to the same project goals in a joint effort. It means enhanced accountability all the way through the project. It means a single provider for an entire water portfolio.

Our capabilities include:

• Water Resources & Management
• Water Containment and Conveyance Infrastructure • Regulatory and Environmental
• Water Treatment
• Wastewater Treatment
• Waste Management
• Geospatial & GIS


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