Trucking Company of the Year - Presented by Kenworth, Canada 2015

Awarded to: PVT Performance Vac & Tank Services Ltd.

Judges Comments

“Committed to being part of the group that developed the industry’s first Vacuum Truck Driver training program. This program was developed to ensure safety of Vacuum Truck operators in this complex and potentially very dangerous service.”

“PVT has experienced substantial growth to the company and maintained exceptional HSE Performance. They have developed and implemented the industry’s first accredited Safety Awareness course for Vac Trucks. An exceptional achievement. PVT has been recognized by several clients through letters of recommendation.”

PVT Performance Vac & Tank Services Ltd. – Corporate Overview

Performance Vac & Tank Services Ltd. (PVT) was launched in Grande Prairie, Alberta in 2006 by Owner, Kurt Campbell. PVT has developed an excellent reputation in the Alberta energy sector due to the immense focus on providing a quality service and product. PVT currently runs a modernized high end fleet of 55 power units and 46 trailer units distributed between 2 locations, with plans for further expansion into Fox Creek, Alberta in the fall of 2016. Our specialized truck lineup consists of a variety of vacuum trucks, hydrovacs, tank trucks, and heating units. PVT’s business model has proven success, and has allowed the company to become an industry leader in vac, tank and hauling services in Northwestern Canada. PVT continues to provide the equipment, expertise and professionalism that exceed our client’s needs and expectations. PVT thrives when it comes to adapting operations to tailor our product and service to our client needs, and into logistical areas that our service can be utilized. This often involves working directly with our major clients. Our mission at PVT is to provide personalized service to our respected customers, communities, and the environment we work in. We are known in the industry to grow with our customers, as opposed to growing independently of the clients we serve. We maintain excellent safety practices, a leading maintenance program, top of the line equipment, and a commitment to quality.