New Technology Development Award - Product, Canada 2015

Awarded to: Blue Spark Energy Inc.

Judges Comments

“Very innovative stimulation technology with broad applications. Reduces chemicals and explosives used in wells. Does not change rock formations. Applied to over 250 wells in 6 countries with good results.”

“Impressive new and clean technology using simple physics and not requiring additional explosives, propellants or fluids. Initial field testing of prototype completed in Canada. Five solid case studies showing decent results for a small investment. I see the need to apply this technology for lots of wells in Western Canada.”

Blue Spark Energy Inc. – Corporate Overview

Established in 2011, Blue Spark Energy is a privately-held oilfield services company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Blue Spark Energy’s WIRELINE APPLIED STIMULATION PULSING (WASP®) technology provides an innovative, efficient, low cost, low risk oil and gas well stimulation method that dramatically increases productivity with less impact on the environment. The WASP® technology converts, compresses and discharges electrical energy as usable high-power hydraulic pulses to improve connectivity between the well bore and reservoir, with an average improvement of more than 200%. Blue Spark Energy’s WASP® technology is proven to enhance oil and gas flow in new or poorly producing wells, recover reserves from non-producing wells, and increase flow in injector and disposal wells.