Industry Supplier of the Year, Canada 2015

Awarded to: Britespan Building Systems, Inc.

Judges Comments

“All weather, all-purpose building solution that is highly modular or permanent. Versatile in their nature and quick to construct, these systems are useful for the industry.”

“Innovative technology provides company and clients with a cost and quality advantage. Scalability is built into the product so that a building requirement can easily be plugged into virtually any industry. Attention to detail. We take our buildings for granted, however Britespan incorporates features into the design to enhance the quality and comfort of the buildings, for example lighting, floor structure and so on. The company is responsive to the market by being strategic with inventory. This facilitates a quick turnaround and may even represent cost savings.”

Britespan Building Systems, Inc. – Corporate Overview

Britespan Building Systems Inc. offers steel framed, fabric covered buildings, as temporary, permanent and portable solutions for every industry and application, including vehicle and equipment storage, warehousing, and even employee offices and housing. Your building is a major investment and you take it seriously; so do we. Our vision is not just about buildings, it’s about providing innovative building solutions.

Our buildings provide ample height and extraordinary clearance for access, ease of movement, and loading and handling. Britespan buildings are pre-engineered in clearspan widths up to 160 feet wide and can be manufactured to any length, with post-fabrication hot dip galvanized trusses for superior rust protection. The thermally non-conductive properties of our covers ensure a warmer interior during cold months and a cooler interior during hot months. Natural ventilation and abundant sunlight dispersed through the building eliminates moisture, and creates a safe, shadow free working environment. Our buildings can be installed quickly, even in remote areas. As an industry leader, we have constructed thousands of buildings and can assist with your building project from start to finish.