Consultancy of the Year, Canada 2015

Awarded to: Big Guns Energy Services (BGES)

Judges Comments

“Big Guns has demonstrated an innovative quality that saw them branch out into a new business line that leveraged their existing skills yet filled a new niche for its clients. Big Guns has redesigned itself as the needs of the industry has changed as is exemplified by its geo-containment business. Understanding the movement and preventing unwanted migration of injected fluid into reservoirs helps reduce negative environmental impacts and safety concerns.”

“Big Guns development of processes to achieve geo-containment is a major accomplishment given the expectation that in-situ projects such as SAGD’s and CSC’s will continue to grow in number. Prevention of caprock failures is integral to the success of these projects and involves a significant amount of detailed engineering and geological input. Caprock containment is not only critical for the economic success of these projects but also ensures safety and environmental protection. The Big Guns process has been proven to work and has received international recognition. Their process is considered to be a critical factor in the future success of in-situ recovery projects.”

Big Guns Energy Services (BGES) – Corporate Overview

Calgary-based Big Guns Energy Services, Inc. (BGES) provides integrated services related to geocontainment testing and analysis. The need for geocontainment stems from the fact that many oil and gas projects involve the injection of steam, water or other fluids into a reservoir at high pressure in order to mobilize and recover the heavy oil or bitumen.

Rock layers directly above (called caprock) and below these reservoirs act as a seal, so it’s essential for them to have sufficient integrity to withstand injection pressures. Conducting such analysis isn’t easy: Accurate input data is essential, and it depends on successful execution of a number of steps, not in a lab, but the harsh oil-field environment, where the temperature can drop to –40 degrees Celsius. BGES’ proprietary approach to assessing and mitigating caprock integrity has so significantly contributed to technological advancement in the field, its paper, “Practical Approach to Caprock Analysis,” has been selected for publication at three major technical conferences in 2015. And, the company has prospered, experiencing solid double-digit revenue growth over the past three years—even during the recent downturn in oil prices over the past eight months.