Award for Excellence in Health & Safety - Product, Texas 2016

Awarded to: Enviro Vat

Judges Comments

“20 years+ in business and still innovating! Recording zero TRIR through 22 years of working in the industry, well done.”

“What is more important than controlling fluids, preventing spills and limiting gas exposure? If it is good enough for the biggest operators in the world to roll out across all their operations, you must assume this equipment is vital.”

Enviro Vat – Corporate Overview

Enviro Vat LP manufactures and provides spill prevention and fluid recovery equipment to operators as a cost effective alternative to conventional mitigation techniques.

The proprietary technology prevents costly and dangerous spills, diverts H2S gas, and captures fluids before they reach the ground. The portable Vacuum and Transfer Unit coupled with the Wellhead Vat is an easy to operate, all in one system that has drastically reduced production costs for customers while also having a positive impact on health, environmental, and safety goals. Many of the world’s largest E&P companies have adopted the Enviro Vat system to attain their Zero Spill and Incident Free goals, allowing them to reach productivity and safety goals once thought of as unattainable.