New Technology Development of the Year, Gulf Coast 2018

Awarded to: Xedia Process Solutions

Judges Comments

“Boasting increased flow capacity and improved oil removal efficiency with no additional CAPEX requirements is impressive. The fact that this is all backed up with operational case studies, which show maintained performance over a 6-month period, makes this a strong entry.”

Corporate Overview

Xedia Process Solutions has developed and commercialized the first step-change advance in media for nutshell filtration after more than half a century of the filters being used in the oil and gas sector. The technology, referred to as Xedia XDN modified nutshell media, is patentpending and unique to the world. The current ‘lower longer’ oil price outlook has caused E&P companies to squeeze budgets on CAPEX and to look for ways to lower operational costs. In conventional facilities, which are used to treat produced water (typically to be used for water or steam flooding as a method to improve recovery), this has limited operators’ ability to handle increasing water cuts as wells age by limiting available CAPEX for expansions. It is has also amplified the challenges posed by costs stemming from process upsets, e.g., the clogging of injection wells or fouling of softening systems due to underperforming filtration equipment. In unconventional operations, operators treating and reusing produced water for completions rely on large systems with long residence times to hit quality specifications. Using XDN in the treatment process allows unconventional operators to improve effluent quality, treat produced water at higher rates and shrink footprints of traditional treatment plants. Xedia’s XDN media has been successfully implemented in West Texas, California and Colombia as a no-CAPEX, drop-in solution to these challenges. The media, when placed in traditional nutshell filtration equipment, can double the capacity of the filter, while simultaneously improving oil and solids removal performance.