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Bronze Sponsor - Gulf Coast - 2015

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Industry challenges and opportunities

Oil and Gas exploration is evolving on a global scale, putting the need for specialist talent at the top of the agenda. It’s a vast, political, complex, heavily candidate-lead market with the emphasis on dynamic, multiple project opportunities, rather than the pre-recession security of long-term positions.

For businesses, the need to innovate in emerging, competitive markets has put the pressure on – and with major oil companies selling off their assets to smaller independent operators, the game’s gained plenty of new players too.

An ongoing global evolution

With traditional locations like the North Sea and West Africa still firmly on the radar, countries such as South America, Ghana, Congo and Mozambique are now also making waves.
The spotlight has also hit the Middle East, Asia and the US/Canada following a big injection into the extraction and processing of Shale and LNG. They sit alongside ultra-deep water, tar sands and FPSOs as the energy frontiers currently driving the industry into innovative new territories.

A maturing workforce – and the need for new talent

Retirement is putting the pressure on. Many high-level specialists will quit the industry in the next ten years – an accelerated loss of experience that’s leaving a skills gap. Senior/Lead and Manager level engineers with 15 to 20 years’ experience are in demand, including candidates with deep water and/or HPHT experience in particular.

By providing sponsorship visas to Non-EU nationals and seconding them to any European country, we’re able to bring in expertise from the Americas, Africa, UAE, Far East and Australia, – and keeping our clients’ options open. We’re also able to organise visas and payroll personnel anywhere in the world, making our talent pool truly international. In-house training is also making in-roads, ensuring that specialist skills are passed on before senior team members leave. Given the current skills gap, this also means that less experienced candidates are now more likely to be taken on and trained in situ.

Navigating stormy seas

Oil and gas are tumultuous territories.
• Countries like Kazakhstan, Russia, and Venezuela continue to exert greater control over their resources.
• Chinese firms are acquiring exploration rights at record high prices.
• Unrest persists in many oil-exporting nations, including Chad, Colombia, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Syria – all, among others, on the State Department’s Travel Warning List.
• Debate continues over unconventional exploration such as shale and the negotiation of environmental restrictions across Europe.
• The Algerian hostage tragedy is all too recent…

To meet the challenges, we bring local knowledge with a global perspective and work within the political, geographical, social and cultural reality, not against it.

We also have a bespoke, end-to-end recruitment solution to overcome the challenges of mobilizing personnel into these harsh environments when needed.

Spencer Ogden