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Progressive GE is a truly global staffing and mobility specialist.

We partner with companies operating across the whole of the oil & gasmining and maritime & offshore supply chains and provide global opportunities and career management services for specialists at the top of their game.

Our international hubs and network of branch offices provide unique insight and on the ground knowledge for these highly competitive markets and ensures we remain focused and relevant to companies and specialists alike, no matter what the size and complexity of their staffing challenge.

International Expertise

At Progressive GE, being global is not about our ability to send people anywhere, but about being there on the ground, when and where you need us most. That’s why our growth has been in response to the changing needs of our customers and the markets they operate in.

With dedicated staffing centres in Houston, Ireland, India and Singapore, and offices across all oil & gasmining and maritime & offshore hubs, we have the largest network of industry specialist recruiters anywhere in the world.

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Global Mobility

Finding the right people for your company is one thing, but effortlessly getting them to where they need to be takes hard work, knowledge and expertise. That’s why Progressive GE’s global mobility programmes are becoming the standard by which our services are measured.

They cover pre-mobilisationmobilisation and post-mobilisation activity and include services such as screening and permits, transport, security, accommodation, payroll and tax services. In fact, we have the solutions, services and partners in place to manage all aspects of your mobilisation programmes.

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