LineQuest, LLC

Bronze Sponsor - Southwest - 2015

Linequest, LLC

LineQuest currently serves the Permian Basin Region and offers Line Locating and Hydro Excavation Services to the following counties: Glasscock, Reagan, Upton, Howard, Midland, Sterling, Irion, Tom Green and Crockett.

At LineQuest always take the proactive approach to safety. We always use the latest in technology to detect buried lines. In addition to detecting the buried lines, we also offer within the same scope of work is our Hydro Excavation Services.

Hydro Excavation is considered “the Safest way to Dig”. During the Hydro Excavating process, one key benefit is less material removed which turns into less disposal, less back-fill, less restoration, less man hours worked, and money saved.

Let LineQuest Guide you on your next pipeline construction and remember BE PROACTIVE! Don’t wait for a disaster to update rules, regulations, policies, procedures, & techniques.

LineQuest, LLC