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Kerr Pumps & FlowValve

Kerr Pumps

One Roof One Vision

Everything at Kerr Pumps is designed, engineered, machined, assembled and tested under one roof. This allows us to communicate effectively across the entire company which improves collaboration, problem solving and response time. No other pump company in the world has this advantage.

Engineering Experience

Our continuous search for the best materials, processes and designs is coupled with a focus on constant improvement. Our engineers apply their experience and expertise with solid modeling and finite element analysis, resulting in a unique solution for an array of markets and customers.

More Machines Than You Can Count

Our CNC machining facility is simply state of the art. Our machine arsenal includes: live tooling lathes, 5-axis boring mills, vertical machining centers and horizontal machining centers. Our plant is so equipped that it is the largest machining company in all of Oklahoma.

Kerr Production System

Our production system is a melting pot of manufacturing methods. We have implemented improvement tools such as Lean, 5S, Kaizen, TOC and TQM. The biggest tool that we use is the creativity of the human mind. We are always dreaming up ways to improve processes that better our system.

Talented Team

Kerr Pumps has some of the best talent in the entire pump industry. Our goal is to hire the brightest people and give them the biggest challenges to produce the best work of their lives. These driven individuals work collectively to manufacture high quality pumps at unbelievable lead times.

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

We meet and exceed the requirements stated in the ISO 9001: 2008 quality manual. Our obsessive focus on quality begins where the part is made and continues long after it is delivered to the customer. This intense dedication is the reason why we are the gold standard in pump quality.

Remarkable Fabrication Shop

We have a full service fabrication shop that is equipped to weld up pumping skids such as reversing units and closing units. Kerr Pumps certified welders do some of the best welding in the industry. The possibilities of what we can accomplish are left up to the imagination.

Since 1946

Kerr Pumps has been manufacturing high quality pumps since 1946. Since then we have shipped well over 40,000 pumps worldwide. Currently, there are 47 pump models between our standard and Well Service product lines. We continually build on our experience to innovate the pumps of tomorrow.

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Incredible Facility

We have 202,196 sq. ft. of manufacturing space under one roof. Our facility offers unmatched machining, fabricating and assembling capabilities. This world class facility gives us the ability to rapidly respond to customer demand. No one else can offer this level of customer service.

Continuous Quality Improvement

With our advanced machining processes, such as in-process probing, we are able to control quality at the machine level. We are always striving for zero defects and that aim for perfection can be found in all of our products. Our quality system keeps us moving forward.

184 CNC Machines

With 184 CNC machines, our possibilities are endless. We are the largest CNC machine manufacturing plant in Oklahoma. Our machines include: 5 axis vertical mills, horizontal mills and lathes. With so much machining power there’s no wonder why our lead times are the fastest.

Inventory Ready to Ship

We keep a complete line of inventory on all of our products. We are constantly replenishing our stock to ensure the best delivery for our customers. If we do not have it in stock, we are able to machine, assemble, paint and ship before most companies can process the order.

Advanced Production System

Our advanced production system is always evolving. We are constantly changing machine layouts or editing CNC programming to improve production efficiency. We believe in the abilities of our team members. We challenge each one of them every day to identify areas of improvement.

ISO 9001:2008 Registered

FLOWVALVE is ISO certified and we always fulfill the requirements specified in the ISO quality system. We believe in not only meeting, but exceeding our customers’ needs through continuous improvement. Our commitment for perfection is the gold standard for well service products.

Stand the Test of Time… And a Half

Every FLOWVALVE part is hydro-tested at 1 ½ times CWP. During the testing each part is inspected with a high focus camera lens to check for leaks. Once each part passes the test, results are charted and stored in our database by serial number.

Safety Factor

We design safety right into the product. All of our products meets or exceeds API standards. We do not stop there; every design element from product to process is audited regularly to ensure that FLOWVALVE is the cornerstone of product safety.

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Kerr Pumps & FlowValve