Dun Transportation & Stringing, Inc.

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Dun Transportation & Stringing

Dun Transportation & Stringing, Inc. specializes in loading, hauling, stringing, and racking large diameter steel pipe. We are celebrating over 100 years family owned and in continuous operations as pipe handling specialists. Since our inception we have handled over 73,000 miles of pipe. Please take some time to look through our web site and let us know if you have any questions.

Dun Transportation & Stringing, Inc. is an irregular route Common and Contract Carrier, operating under Certificate of Convenience & Necessity MC 19416 & Subs issued by the Interstate Commerce Commission and regulated by the Surface Transportation Board (STB), a semi-independent agency within the United States Department of Transportation (DOT).

Dun Transportation & Stringing’s experience in all phases of this work, sufficient specialized company owned equipment, and experienced personnel enable us to perform this specialized service in a good, safe workman like manner on schedule. Trucks and trailers have a current Department of Transportation safety certificate.

Dun Transportation & Stringing, Inc.