Blue Spark Energy

Bronze Sponsor - Southwest - 2015

Blue Spark Energy

Established in 2011, Blue Spark Energy is a privately-held oilfield services company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

Blue Spark Energy’s WIRELINE APPLIED STIMULATION PULSING (WASP®) technology provides an innovative, efficient, low cost, low risk oil and gas well stimulation method that dramatically increases productivity with less impact on the environment.

The WASP® technology converts, compresses and discharges electrical energy as usable high-power hydraulic pulses to improve connectivity between the well bore and reservoir, with an average improvement of more than 200%.

Blue Spark Energy’s WASP® technology is proven to enhance oil and gas flow in new or poorly producing wells, recover reserves from non-producing wells, and increase flow in injector and disposal wells. 

The WASP® technology is efficient, cost effective and has a lower environmental impact as it delivers rapid, high-power impulses at the precise depth where blockages exist which helps maintain wellbore integrity.  Most operations are completed within one day, saving both time and money – the equipment is compact and only requires one technician to operate. 

Since its inception, more than 50 companies around the world have successfully used WASP® to stimulate productivity in more than 250 oil wells.

Blue Spark Energy