Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development

Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED) is an education effort in Colorado aimed at informing the general public about the energy, economic and environmental benefits of safe and responsible oil and natural gas development. Our message is simple and clear: get the facts on fracking first before making a decision.

Even though industry has been fracking since 1947, and more than 90 percent of today’s oil and natural gas wells are hydraulically fractured, or fracked, at some point during their lifespan, most Coloradans admit to not knowing or understanding what it involves. Yet, a startling number have seen, read or heard something – overwhelmingly false and negative – about fracking. We’re here to change that.

According to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), Colorado’s oil production broke a 60-year record in 2013, marking a 30 percent increase over the year before. In 2012 alone, the oil and natural gas industry generated $29.6 billion for Colorado’s economy, according to a recent University of Colorado study. That’s over 110,000 high paying jobs and $1.6 billion in tax revenue for things that are important to Colorado, such as our public schools, parks and roads. During this same time, Colorado moved forward with some of the nation’s most stringent rules and regulations, placing a premium on environmental protection and safety while ensuring our state’s vital energy industry can continue to operate.

CRED is a 501(c)6 non-profit public education organization funded by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and Noble Energy, two leading independent oil and natural gas companies in Colorado. Anadarko and Noble are planning an investment of upward of $10 billion to continue to develop the Wattenberg field, located within the Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin, one of Colorado’s oldest and most mature oil and natural gas basins that began producing crude oil in 1901. With this kind of commitment, the founding companies felt an obligation to clearly educate the community – and Coloradans in general – about their industry practices. As industry leaders, these companies are among the most technically qualified to explain the practice of hydraulic fracturing in Colorado. The two founding directors are Scott Moore of Anadarko and Ted Brown of Noble Energy.

CRED has formed an Advisory Committee, which is comprised of a diverse group of community, civic leaders, and non-energy industry representatives such as farmers, ranchers, teachers, health professionals, police and firefighters, as well as city, county and state elected officials. The Advisory Committee is chaired by former Colorado governors Roy Romer (D-CO) and Bill Owens (R-CO), former U.S. Senator Hank Brown (R-CO), and former Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives Terrance Carroll (D-Denver).

Members of the Colorado oil and natural gas community formed CRED on September 5, 2013 to combat the growing amount of misinformation about fracking. CRED doesn’t focus on policy, legislative or regulatory matters, which are often the primary role of trade associations. CRED’s core mission is to deliver facts directly to those who need them most, the general public.

Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development