Douglas Wight

Douglas Wight

Vice President of Exploration

Discovery Natural Resources

Doug Wight is the Vice President of Exploration of FIML Natural Resources, which is affiliated with FMR LLC, the parent company of Fidelity Investments.

FIML is a private exploration and production company which began in 2003 and operates in Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, and Kansas. FIML has approximately 375,000 acres in both conventional and unconventional plays which represent a mix of development and exploration opportunities with oil and natural gas.

Doug joined FIML Natural Resources in 2012 and is responsible for Exploration, Engineering, and Geology.
Prior to joining the Company in 2012, Mr. Wight served as the Permian Basin Division Manager for Murchison Oil & Gas and also founded an international energy consulting company with unconventional projects on four continents.

In 1999, Mr. Wight became head of business development for CDX Gas. As a senior officer, Mr. Wight helped grow CDX from 8 employees to over 600 in 2006, and was instrumental in the sale of CDX to a group of financial investors for $835 million. After the sale of CDX, Mr. Wight continued developing coalbed methane and shale gas projects in the United States and overseas.

Doug has a solid track record in exploration, operations and business, with special interest in the development of directional drilling technologies and unconventional resource development.

Mr. Wight attended the United States Naval Academy as an ocean engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Oklahoma.