Ryan E. M. Cunningham

Principal and Operating Partner

Cunningham Energy

Cunningham Energy’s president and operational partner is a West Virginia native with extensive Oil & Gas experience. Ryan began his petroleum production and exploration career in Clay County West Virginia working for D & A Oil and Gas Corporation at an early age in 1990. Since that time Ryan has had an array of working experience ranging from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection to various positions with Wall Street investment firms. Mr. Cunningham is charged with acquisitions as well as long term planning for exploration efforts. Ryan also oversees all daily operations in West Virginia and Kentucky. Ryan’s family has over 170 years of history in West Virginia and many years of involvement in the oil and gas industry in West Virginia and Texas. Before taking his position with Cunningham Energy and MCP Petroleum, Ryan had been concentrated on real estate development projects through several family and strategic partnerships. Mr. Cunningham holds a B.A. in Environmental Policy from Rollins College.

Ryan Cunningham is currently directing operations for Cunningham Energy, MCP Petroleum, and Raven Ridge Energy LLC. Ryan has also served as operating partner of Black Crow Oil LLC. In 2008, under Ryan’s direction, Black Crow Oil LLC drilled a discovery Berea Oil and Gas well in the Rock Creek Field near Walton, West Virginia. The West Virginia State Geological Survey has recently recognized this discovery as official exploratory footage in the Rock Creek Field. The discovery well has resulted in the need for a gas pipeline to be constructed into the Rock Creek area where infrastructure for natural gas markets did not previously exist, and will afford operators in the Walton area the ability to further develop oil and gas reserves. In 2008 Ryan founded Cunningham Energy as a true independent oil and gas production firm concentrating on tight conventional reservoir production in proven areas of development.