Dan Huras



Dan Huras is the CEO of ClearBakk Energy Services Ltd. (“ClearBakk”). ClearBakk is a full service provider that offers design, build, operate products for fluid management and environmental solutions to the energy, mining, pulp & paper and small municipal sectors. The focus at ClearBakk is on using the latest technology, designed within reliable, robust and operator-safe systems and modular packages to provide solutions that raise the bar and provide added value to clients.

Dan has over 30 years experience in Management, Project Development, Finance and Accounting. He was previously the architect and President of the Sapphire Group, a company active in both water and wastewater. He has also been the Chief Financial Officer for the Mancal Group, and Verdant Energy Ltd., a renewable energy company. Prior to that, he was with TransCanada Corporation for 16 years in a variety of increasingly senior positions, including the senior Financial Officer in TransCanada International.