What are the important dates I need to know?

  • 2016 Texas Oil & Gas Awards

Wednesday, September 14, 2016: Entry deadline

Early October 2016: Finalists announced online and through media partners

November 2016: Winners announced at regional Oil And Gas Awards ceremony


  • 2017 Rocky Mountain & Northeast Oil & Gas Awards

Wednesday, December 12, 2016: Entry deadline

Early January 2017: Finalists announced online and through media partners

March 2017: Winners announced at regional Oil And Gas Awards ceremonies


  • 2017 Canada Oil & Gas Awards

TBC: Entry deadline

TBC: Finalists announced online and through media partners

June 2017: Winners announced at regional Oil And Gas Awards ceremony


Who can nominate?

All companies operating in the upstream, midstream, downstream, or direct support industries are eligible to enter appropriate categories.

How do I know which region to enter?

The Oil & Gas Awards regional boundaries strictly follow those used by the United States Energy Information Agency. You can view a map of our demarcated zones here.

I operate in several regions, which region should I enter?

All of them! Nominations should relate to achievements within the specific region the Oil & Gas Awards are being held in. You must enter seperate entries for each region, and each must relate to work carried out in that region.

I have been shortlisted for an award; do I need to book a ticket? How?

All attendees must book and pay for their tickets in order to attend the Oil & Gas Awards. Table bookings can be made by contacting the Team.

How many people does a table seat and do I have to purchase a full table?

A full table seats 10 people. It is not necessary to purchase a full table, half table bookings and 2 places are available too.

What is the dress code for the ceremony?

The dress code is tuxedo/cocktail.

Where do I submit my nomination?

All nominations must be submitted via e-mail to [email protected].

What timeframe do the Oil & Gas Awards cover?

Depending on the category, activities commenced, conducted or completed (Read each category guideline carefully).

Can I enter more than one category?


How can I improve my chances of winning an award?

We can’t stress enough how important it is that the winners will be judged on the quality of their entries, and cannot rely on reputation alone. Be clear and accurate with your entry, but don’t feel the need to write thousands of words. If there is a word limit on the category guideline follow it. If not, say concisely but thoughtfully why your company’s performance is better than the rest, highlighting key achievements. Read the nomination criteria specific to your entry, and remember – Keep your focus on your achievements made within the past 12 months.

Can we send photographs or supporting documents to highlight our achievements?

It is not compulsory but some companies do like to provide testimonials from clients and photographs of work completed or initiatives undertaken. You may add any supporting materials you wish to send to the e-mail with your entry form. Please ensure individual emails do not exceed 5MB maximum.

Do we have to attend?

Representatives from nominating companies must be available on the night of the awards. By nominating yourselves you are comitting to attending should you make the Oil & Gas Awards finals.

Remind me, when are the Oil & Gas Awards ceremonies?

The Oil And Gas Awards will take place on the following dates:

Texas – Houston, TX – November 2016 (TBC)

Rocky Mountain – Denver, CO – March 2017 (TBC)

Northeast – Pittsburgh, PA – March 2017 (TBC)

Canada – Calgary, AB – June 2017 (TBC)


Wait..I have more questions!

Feel free to contact the Team and we will get back to you quickly with any further help.