Water Management Company of the Year, Southwest 2015

Awarded to: MIOX Corporation

Judges Comments

“Low cost solution with broad application to resource development.”

“MIOX presented a practical, cost-effective solution for treating produced and flowback water using an adaptation of established technologies utilized in their Mixed Oxidant Solution process. They provided case studies that support the application of the technology. Additionally, the process is much safer to use in the field compared to other processes.”

MIOX Corpoation- Corporate Overview

MIOX provides oil and gas companies with a low-cost alternative for recycling produced and flowback water. The MIOX BlackwaterTM mobile water treatment system uses electrolysis to produce Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) in a 9-foot by 40-foot trailer. Delivered sodium chloride liquid brine and city water flow into an electrolytic cell where it is exposed to electricity to create a blend of sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.

This solution eliminates sulfate- reducing bacteria (SRB) and acid- producing bacteria (APB) that can lower production and foul wellbores. In the Fayetteville, the process
has reduced the 10,000,000 SRBs regularly seen to less than <1 colony- forming units of bacteria per milliliter of fluid. Because the technology operates with salt, water and electricity, there are virtually no health, safety, spill, or environmental concerns on site. MIOX replaces toxic and hazardous chemicals like glutaraldehyde and chlorine dioxide with on-site generated Mixed Oxidant Solution which requires just delivered salt, water and electricity. No trucking. No Hazmat. And MIOX costs about 1/10 the price of competitive treatment technologies. MIOX’s Mixed Oxidant Solution is a chemistry used in over 3,000 sites globally, including 1,500 United States municipalities for drinking water treatment.