Consultancy of the Year, Rocky Mountain 2012

Awarded to: Antea Group

Antea Group is an international engineering and environmental consulting firm specializing in full-service solutions in the fields of environment, infrastructure, urban planning and water. By combining strategic thinking and multidisciplinary perspectives with technical expertise and pragmatic action, we do more than effectively solve client challenges; we deliver sustainable results for a better future. With more than 3,000 employees in over 100 offices around the world, we serve clients ranging from global energy companies and manufacturers to national governments and local municipalities.

We are organized to reflect our client value offering through distinct practices that consider current marketplace challenges and promote fit-for-purpose solutions.

Environmental Liability Management

Whether the environmental risk is transactional, operational or legacy, our solutions deliver clear, concise business advice that enhances environmental liability management strategies, drives complete stakeholder acceptance, accelerates site closure and defines balance sheet liabilities.

Information and Knowledge Management

By leveraging innovation and technology, we have developed a proprietary environmental, health, safety and sustainability information management tool that supports corporations in achieving their business objectives while realizing increased operational efficiencies with fewer resources.

Operational Performance and Assurance

By combining proven processes and a wealth of multi-sector expertise, we develop and implement client-specific environment, health and safety management programs that meet or exceed regulatory and performance requirements while assuring conformance and desired performance across global platforms.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Believing the best sustainability programs integrate sustainability into core business practices, our Global Corporate Consultancy, a group of strategic-thinking partners and sustainability subject matter experts, helps clients identify and act on business-relevant social and environmental opportunities.

Transaction Support

Grounded in technical expertise, delivered in transparent language, and equipped with unrivalled in-country expertise, we provide time-sensitive and confidential advice on EHS risks that affect strategic asset transaction business decisions.

Through Antea Group services, clients benefit from environmental management strategies that protect the earth, allow for business growth and safeguard social wellbeing. By understanding today, we are able to provide solutions that improve tomorrow.